Laurel Circle


Our design process always begins with a vision. With Laurel Circle, we knew we wanted to be very visual and graphic while also emphasizing the classic design. This house has a very simple and clean aesthetic which creates a calming atmosphere, but it’s also full of little surprises and exciting moments that we could draw attention to. It’s been one of our favorites to work on!


Ranch-style homes have low ceilings, so we wanted to offset this with light and bright decor to open up the space. We were able to use this approach to keep things classic but added a pop in certain places—the hardware, for example, creates a bit of edginess. We also maximized the space using our own trim work (baseboard, door, and window mouldings) to create the illusion of more height from floor to ceiling.


The powder room is where we could really mix things up. Patterned wallpaper, a custom backsplash with a slight curvature, and titanium plumbing and light fixtures also added to the inventive style. To really make a splash we floated the mirror off the wall to add some shadows, and we even took a store-bought Pottery Barn piece and refurbished it to look custom.


We pushed ourselves to be creative with the master bath, building it to be seamless and modern without taking away from the zen created by the greenery visible through the windows. To maximize these views, we used glass windows with no clips that recess into the floor for an unobstructed look outside.

KariQ-LaurelCircle-twest-01 copy.jpg

We kept the boys’ bathroom simple using black, white, and gray neutrals so they could grow into the space. We chose a geometric print for the floor to avoid the bathroom becoming too monochromatic—this high-contrast print also plays off the stainless steel cabinetry and steel backsplash. This is definitely a bathroom that appeals to kids, but it’s sophisticated and won’t look childish as they get older.


For the guest bathroom we completely tiled the walls, even wrapping the tile through into the shower. We added another unexpected pop inside the shower with a graphic tile detail right in the center. We purposefully chose greys and neutrals for the vanity and tiling that would be simple and cohesive with the design of the other bathrooms and the rest of the house.